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About Creative Tots In-Class Enrichment Programs:
In addition to the academic components of Creative Tots’ programs, there are a number of exciting enrichment experiences that are included in your tuition for the school year. These provide the opportunity for young learners to interact and appreciate the experiences within our community that exist between school and home.  Children will explore the arts with special guests in music, yoga, art, and science classes on a bi-monthly basis.  Field trips and guest speakers from the local area will be incorporated throughout the year.
-Music: Our music teacher, Ms. Joanie has over thirty years of musical experience with advanced training in guitar and voice.  In addition, she has taught in New York City at the prestigious Calhoun School.
* A supplemental enrichment music program is also available as an extended-day option for an additional fees
-Art: Preschoolers will experience art class with various mediums and learn about fundamentals of art and its history.  In addition, this program will feature special projects from a variety of famous artists. We will display all of this artwork during our annual Art Show held in the spring.
-STEM/Science: Preschool-age children have an extraordinary capacity to absorb new information through inspection and examination of the world around them. Our hands-on science explorations are practical and make great use of your child’s enthusiasm to hypothesize, predict and record results. We offer a variety of experiences through chemistry, guided nature walks and exploring animal behaviors and habitats with the help of our classroom teachers, 4H and science specialist.  We will also incorporate science, technology, engineering and mathematics into our monthly STEM program.
-Yoga: All preschoolers will be engaging in yoga to discover and enhance their physical and social  development using simple yoga techniques.
Field Trips/Special Guests- Field Trips, special guest speakers and Educational programs from local organizations are incorporated throughout the year.  Offering these in a context that’s meaningful to children develops a strong sense of self and a healthy respect for others and their community.  Field trip locations include Krohn Conservatory, Blooms and Berries Farm Market, a local art studio, and the Children’s Theater, etc.
Foreign Language- This program has a basic focus on multiple languages including greetings, numbers, colors, traditions, and other cultural components.

Our Main Teachers

Jackie Moody

Assistant Toddler Teacher, Lead Science & Art Teacher

Ms. Jackie grew up living all around the world in Canada, Malaysia, Norway, all over US Texas, Washington and now Ohio. Jackie obtained her Bachelors in Science with a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry. Jackie has a love for science that can explain everything and loves that art is able to express anything. Jackie and her husband have settled down in Kings, where their daughter, Peyton, attends 2nd grade, and is also a graduate of Creative Tots. Her son, Blake, is 5 and is currently attending Creative Tots K-Prep program. Jackie cannot wait to teach all of your children and help them to explore the world around them.

Ms. Joanie is an award-winning Children’s recording artist and has been with us for the past 10 years at Creative Tots. She just released her second children’s album to much critical acclaim. Joanie has been teaching music at schools in the Cincinnati area for 10 years.  She combines her love of music and respect for kids, to create unique classroom experiences. She has over forty years of musical experience with advanced training in guitar and voice.  In addition, she has taught in New York City at the prestigious Calhoun School.  Ms. Joanie has a true gift working with children and we are very lucky to have her as a part of our team.

Aurisabel Naranjo Villalobos

Assistant Toddler Teacher, Lead Spanish Teacher

Ms. Auri is our extended day Spanish enrichment program, as well as a part of the Toddler team. She has a Master of Arts in Education from Pedagogical Experimental Liberato University in Caracas Venezuela. She has spent the last 22 years in education. She has experience teaching children Preschool age through 6th grade. Most recently she as created and implemented a Spanish program targeting 3 to 5 year old children. She as a love for children and cannot wait to work with yours. She, her husband and two daughters live in Mason, Ohio. Her youngest daughter is also a graduate of Creative Tots.

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